1. Average annual precipitation across the state has increased by 5.9 inches since 1960; 48% of this increase has occurred since 1990
  2. The state’s average temperature has increased by 1.3 degrees since 1960; 45% of this increase has occurred since 1990; the most recent decade was Vermont’s hottest on record.
  3. Freeze period has decreased by 3.9 days per decade and growing season has increased by 3.7 days per decade over the past forty years.
  4. Greater snow amounts will fall in mountainous areas over next 25 years, projected greater chance of winter precipitation falling as rain in next 30-40 years
  5. Recent “blocking” or quasi-stationary patterns in the jet stream have led toprolonged periods of intense rainfall (e.g., June 2013) or dry spells (e.g., August 2012)
  6. Artic ice cover reductions changing global temperature gradients have increased blocking patterns bringing unseasonably high or low temperatures and/or precipitation (e.g. Winter 2013-14)